One-on-one conversations with voters are vital in our mission to elect Democrats this November. The good news is you can do just that from virtually anywhere when you phonebank! All you need is a phone and internet access. Plus, you can make calls all around the country, energizing voters in key races in hard-to-visit rural districts. Together we can make thousands of calls, each one a crucial step in flipping the House this November.


Talking to voters face-to-face is the single most powerful way to increase turnout on Election Day. It's the ground game that's going to win the seats that flip the House this November, and the importance can't be overstated. Join thousands of other volunteers by hitting the streets and talking to voters in a Swing District near you (or travel further if you have the means!) by finding a canvass now.

Attend or Host a Swing Left Event

From House Parties to Blue Barbecues to small gatherings in your local area, there's tons of fun opportunities to connect with other Swing Left volunteers near you. Or host an event yourself to share your passion and turn your friends and family into dedicated volunteers! No matter what, this in-person engagement spreads our movement even further and will help us win in November.


Enter your location to see a map of events where you can meet other Swing Left volunteers, learn about your Swing District, and start talking to voters!

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Can't find an event near you? Host your own!

If you can't find an event near you or simply want to take your activism to the next level, host your own event. It's easy!


The Swing Left District Funds collect money for Democratic nominees in every one of our Swing Districts. This grassroots money helps candidates hire staff, buy ads, and do everything they need to win. Giving directly is great, but becoming a fundraiser by hosting an event or simply asking friends and family to contribute makes your impact even bigger!


Taking back the House means we need a massive community fired up and ready to win big in every Swing District. Swing Left volunteers started out online, but the groups meeting in person are building the even deeper connections that are taking this movement to the next level. They're canvassing, registering voters, and fundraising TOGETHER, so it's even more fun, and even more effective. Find a local group, or start one yourself today!

Email us to connect with one of Swing Left's Regional Organizers.


Develop Your Organizing Skills

Swing Left has a wide range of training options covering all the basics of our programs. Check out Swing Left Academy for great information and training on voter contact actions which are critical to winning back the House.

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