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College Fellows

Swing Left's College Programs are empowering young leaders to help transform our government in the 2020 elections.

College Fellows

From student debt to climate change to immigration, the 2020 elections will shape our future. We need a fully mobilized student movement to stand up to Trump’s cruel policies and corrupt administration. Young people voted in historic numbers in the 2018 midterms, and now, the stakes are even higher.

Whether you’re a first time organizer, or you have some experience volunteering, Swing Left's College Programs guide students to becoming leaders on their campus and helping elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020.

Are you a new college organizer? Check out Swing Left's 3-month fellowship program.
Are you a college group leader? Check out Swing Left's College Network.

College Fellows

College Network

The Swing Left College Network is committed to empowering a national network of young leaders with the tools needed to create lasting change. It comprises Swing Left College Chapters at schools across the county and other campus groups working to transform our government. Any existing campus group aligned with our mission can join the Network.

We help student leaders and teams on campus take the most impactful action they can while building long-term organizing power and developing future leaders. We focus on registering young voters, and then mobilizing campus communities to vote and volunteer.

We support members of the College Network in three main ways:

  1. Strategy: Swing Left does the homework for you, pointing students to the key geographies where they can work to take back all the Houses in 2020.
  2. Training and tools: Swing Left organizers provide regular training to campus groups that is specifically tailored to college organizing. We also give our Network members access to free organizing tools and one-on-one coaching.
  3. Connections: We build power through our relationships with one another. The Network connects student leaders across the country to learn from one another, collaborate, and make change together.

The 2020 elections will shape our future. Let’s get to work on campus now to beat Trump, the GOP, and set our country up for a decade of progressive victories. Join us.

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College Fellows

Super State Youth Council

Do you have youth organizing experience? Check out the leadership opportunities available with our new Super State Youth Council.

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College Fellowship

As a College Fellow, you’ll receive expert training to do the most impactful work on the elections that will shape the future of our country.

At the completion of this 3-month program, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to organize both online and at the local level, build coalitions, recruit a team of volunteers, utilize social media to spread your message, and plan and execute political events on your campus that range from organizing meetings and voter registration parties to talking to voters in top priority states.

You’ll be on the front lines of Swing Left’s cutting edge political strategy and voter engagement initiatives and you’ll develop your professional skills and grow your resume.

Who it's for: Students enrolled in a college or university. Whether you’re a first time organizer, or you have some experience volunteering and now want to be a leader on your campus, this is the program for you.

The format: A 3-month, highly interactive remote training & organizing program.

What you'll learn: Crucial organizing skills to help you recruit and build teams; how to use cutting edge organizing technology; personal and digital storytelling, voter registration; how to talk to voters and more! You’ll have access to the strategies and tools that are changing the political organizing landscape.

Applications for the spring 2020 fellowship are now closed. Please check back for future fellowship opportunities.

Have more questions? Check out our Fellowship FAQs.

College Fellows

How We’ll Win

Millenials and Gen Z are more diverse and progressive than generations before, and now we’re the largest block of registered voters in the electorate. When we work together on elections, we change traditional notions of what is politically possible.

The most important 2020 battles are concentrated in a handful of states. If we focus our work on helping Democratic nominees win the general elections in these Super States, we can make real change. Together, we can take back the White House, the Senate, and key state houses needed to ensure fair redistricting in 2021.

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