2018 District Fundraising Leaderboard

Join other grassroots donors and fundraisers in raising money for Democratic candidates in Swing Districts, and track our collective progress in real-time. Allied group totals include funds raised through ActBlue and It Starts Today.

Swing Left District Funds are pots of money that we're raising right now to give the eventual Democratic nominee in each Swing District a financial head start in the 2018 House elections.

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Total Amount Raised for Democrats in Swing Districts (Swing Left and Allied Groups)
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Total Number of Individual Contributions (Swing Left only)
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District Leaderboard
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Rank District Incumbent Total Raised by Swing Left and Allied Groups Incumbent Cash-on-Hand (9/30/18) Total Raised by Swing Left # Swing Left Direct to District Contributions 2016 Amount Raised (D) 2016 Amount Raised (R) 2016 Margin of Victory Clinton/Trump Margin Obama/Romney Margin
[[stat['rank'] ]] [[stat['district_code'] ]] [[stat['incumbent'] ]] ([[stat['incumbent_party'] ]]) Open ([[stat['incumbent_party'] ]] - [[stat['incumbent'] ]], [[stat['incumbent_vacancy_note'] ]]) [[stat['combined_candidate_amount'] | currency: '$': 0 ]] [[stat['incumbent_cash_on_hand'] | currency: '$': 0]] [[stat['swing_left_candidate_amount'] | currency: '$': 0 ]] [[stat['swing_left_direct_num_contributions'] | number]] [[stat['dem_2016_amount_raised'] | currency: '$': 0]] [[stat['rep_2016_amount_raised'] | currency: '$': 0]] [[stat['margin_2016'] | number: 1 ]]% unopposed [[stat['margin_clinton_trump'] ]] [[stat['margin_obama_romney'] ]]
Individual Leaderboard
Rank District/Slate Name Amount Raised
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The amounts listed are estimates only and do not account for fees and splits, contributions Swing Left solicited that were made directly to candidates, contribution refunds, and changes in Swing Districts due to the congressional redistricting in Pennsylvania.