2023 impact

We did it! Together, we protected democracy and abortion access in WI, OH, and VA.

This year's elections were a testing ground for the GOP’s plan for 2024 and beyond. These important defeats send a clear message to Republican lawmakers and candidates nationwide: when they try to take away our rights, our freedoms, and destroy our democracy, we will keep showing up to defeat them and their radical agenda.

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Doors knocked in WI


Calls made to WI voters


Vote Forward letters sent to WI voters


Raised for WisDems

On April 4, 2023, Judge Janet Protasiewicz defeated conservative Dan Kelly to become the next Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, and flipped the court to a progressive 4-3 majority. This victory allows for the protection of abortion access and fair maps, and serves as a critical check on the Wisconsin GOP’s extremist agenda.

In addition to knocking on 4.6K doors, making 172K phone calls, and helping write 317K letters, Swing Left also sent a bus from Chicago to Milwaukee for a free canvassing day trip to help elect Judge Janet!

Volunteers in Wisconsin



Doors knocked in OH


Calls made to OH voters


Vote Forward letters sent to OH voters


Raised for OH Democratic Party and civic orgs

In the summer of 2023, Ohioans turned out in historic numbers for an August special election to protect the power of their vote, defeating the Ohio GOP’s anti-democratic ballot measure and securing a path to codify abortion rights in their state constitution later in the year. This success was thanks to the incredible efforts of the Ohio Democratic Party, the Vote No in August / Vote Yes in November coalition, and this Swing Left community.

In November, voters turned out to protect abortion access, defeating the GOP ideologues looking to curtail reproductive freedom and push an abortion ban in the state. This marked the seventh time abortion had been on the ballot nationwide since the Dobbs decision, and the seventh time abortion access has won.

In addition to knocking on 88.5K doors, making 223.4K phone calls, and helping write 347K letters, Swing Left partnered with the Ohio Democractic Party to host GOTV canvasses with Rep. Emilia Sykes in Akron and Rep. Greg Landsman's team in Cincinnati!

Volunteers in Ohio Volunteers in Ohio

Liz Walters, ODP

The victories Ohio Democrats secured in 2023 simply would not have been possible without Swing Left's partnership in these fights. From direct voter contact to canvass kickoffs and more, Swing Left has proved to be a valuable asset to Ohio Democrats and Democrats across the country in winning tough fights. We look forward to working with them in 2024 and beyond.”

Liz Walters / Ohio Democratic Party Chair



Doors knocked in VA


Calls made to VA voters


Vote Forward letters sent to VA voters


Raised for VA candidates and civic orgs

By holding onto the state Senate majority and winning back a majority in the House of Delegates, Virginia Democrats blocked a GOP trifecta and strengthened their check on GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin’s dangerous agenda. Voters made it clear that the Virginia GOP’s hateful legislative priorities—banning abortion, gutting public education, stripping away LGBTQ+ rights, rolling back progress on environmental protections, and weakening gun laws—have no place in the commonwealth.

In addition to knocking on 49.2K doors, making 41.5K phone calls, and helping write 487K letters, Swing Left sent two buses of college students and D.C.-area volunteers to canvass for competitive Democrats!

Volunteers in Ohio Volunteers in Ohio

Thank you to our amazing grassroots volunteers, elected officials, and partner organizations who worked together and volunteered their time and platforms to achieve these victories.

Support Swing Left to make sure we keep this winning streak going in 2024 and beyond!