We prevented a red wave—together.

Thanks to the effort of Swing Left volunteers and donors, Democrats won key governorships, flipped state houses, held critical House seats, expanded the U.S. Senate majority, and delivered the strongest midterm results for the party of the sitting president in decades. Democrats won extremely competitive races because your calls, your door knocks, and your letters made a difference.

Letters Written

5.6 million

Phone Calls Made

1.4 million

Doors Knocked


Funds Raised

$11 million

Program highlights

The Big Send was the largest electoral letter-writing program of the cycle, led by Vote Forward. Swing Left was a key partner in The Big Send, with Swing Left volunteers writing nearly half of the 5.6 million letters written to voters.

In all, 76 partner organizations participated in The Big Send.

Blueprint is Swing Left’s platform for long-term, strategic investments in our democracy. Each quarter, Blueprint donors and Giving Circles supported Democratic candidates and vetted civic organizations in need of funding.

This cycle, Blueprint donors contributed more than $2 million for candidates and more than $1.6 million for voter registration, mobilization, and protection efforts.

The Last Weekend coalition of grassroots partners, led by Swing Left, worked together to increase voter turnout by mobilizing volunteers in the final weekend before the election, when outreach is most critical.

Swing Left organized 25 buses, bringing more than 600 canvassers to competitive districts to knock doors and talk to voters.

Target state highlights

Together, we stopped the long-predicted “red wave” and helped Democrats achieve the most successful midterm election for the party of a sitting president in decades. Democrats expanded their Senate majority because of you. We have new state-level Democratic trifectas because of you. Election deniers up and down the ballot were defeated because of you. Democracy itself is safer because of you.

Swing Left also worked with Vote Forward, an affiliated non-partisan C4 organization, to send millions of letters to voters across the country encouraging them to vote.



Doors knocked in AZ


Calls made to AZ voters


Vote Forward letters sent to AZ voters

Arizona was a key state for Democrats, with target races up and down the ballot where Democrats ran and won against extreme right wing candidates.

Key wins include: AZ-GOV, AZ-SEN, and AZ-04.



Doors knocked in MI


Calls made to MI voters


Vote Forward letters sent to MI voters

Democrats flipped both chambers in the Michigan state legislature and reelected Governor Gretchen Whitmer, winning a Democratic trifecta in this battleground state, along with winning competitive House races.

Key wins include: MI-GOV, MI-03, MI-07, MI-08, and flipping the MI State House and Senate.

Swing Left was an invaluable partner in my campaign for U.S. Congress. They take a practical approach to standing up to extremism and protecting Democracy, which means their efforts are targeted and strategic. Each step they took in furthering grassroots support or volunteer engagement made a difference in Red to Blue races like mine. I’m also grateful for their support for Michigan’s redistricting, and the amplification of our message—by coming together with Swing Left and our other partners, we were able to flip MI-03, and I'm grateful for their support.”

Rep. Hillary Scholten / MI-03



Doors knocked in PA


Calls made to PA voters


Vote Forward letters sent to PA voters

Democrats flipped a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, electing John Fetterman, and defeated an extreme right wing candidate with the election of Josh Shapiro as Governor, as well electing key House candidates.

Key wins include: PA-GOV, PA-SEN, PA-07, PA-08, PA-17, and flipping the PA State House.



Doors knocked in WI


Calls made to WI voters


Vote Forward letters sent to WI voters

Democrats reelected Governor Tony Evers, a must-win seat for protecting abortion and democracy, and prevented a GOP supermajority from forming in the WI State Assembly, preserving the governor's veto power.

Thank you to our amazing grassroots volunteers, elected officials, and partner organizations who worked together and volunteered their time and platforms to achieve these victories.