No matter where you live, the Swing Left phonebank program allows you to reach out personally to swing district voters all over the country. These calls are the essential one-on-one conversations we know are vital to getting Democrats to the polls next November. Phonebanks harness the power of volunteers living outside swing districts to energize voters in key races throughout the country.

From your own living room, you can reach hard-to-visit districts and rural voters - people we may otherwise miss. If you live in a swing district, phonebanking helps you easily find and connect with your neighbors. Taken together, we'll make thousands of calls, each one a crucial step in winning the 23 seats we need to flip the House.


Talking to voters is one of the most important things we can do to influence Swing District elections, particularly because turnout in House races is traditionally so low and the margins of victory are narrow. Research shows that face-to-face voter contact is by far the most effective way to communicate with voters and help get more Democrats to the polls on election day.

Swing Left's canvass program makes sure we begin this critical voter contact work early, in order to ensure that we have the votes we need to win next fall. During your canvass, you'll go door-to-door and collect information from voters using Swing Left's Vote Pledge Tool.

Attend or Host a House Party

To win big in Swing Districts, we need to build a massive community of people who care about taking back the House. We started by coming together online, but meeting in real life - in our living rooms - is what builds the connections that fuel a movement. At Swing Left House Parties across the country, volunteers are coming together to learn more about the Swing District(s) near them and make plans to get out to talk to voters in those Districts. Attending a House Party is a great way to hear more about our strategy to take back the House, meet other dedicated Swing Left members in your area, and find out about actionable opportunities to get more involved.


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Can't find an event near you? Host your own!

If you can't find an event near you or simply want to take your activism to the next level, host your own event. It's easy!


Swing Left District Funds are pots of money that we're raising right now to give the eventual Democratic nominees in the 2018 general House elections a financial head start. Join other grassroots donors and fundraisers in raising money for Democratic candidates in Swing Districts, and track our collective progress in real-time. You can fundraise on your own or host an event and coordinate with friends.


The Swing Left District Research Team investigates how we'll partner, recruit volunteers, register voters, persuade voters, and get out the vote in each Swing District. The research team is made up of more than 7,000 researchers. This team worked together to write and edit 53 two-page district primers in 3 weeks as well as longer research documents and contact lists, which Swing Left volunteers now use to learn about their Swing Districts. You can join any research team you'd like, but we recommend the district closest to you so you can also participate in voter contact events there. If you'd prefer to help research another district (where you grew up, or where you previously lived, etc.) that's fine, too.


Connect with other Swing Left members in your area by joining the Google Groups for your Swing District(s). These email groups are run by volunteers, not managed by Swing Left's national team. That means we can't protect your inbox or guarantee that you won't get too many emails. But you can change the email settings for this group at any time, without unsubscribing from Swing Left.

Email us to connect with one of Swing Left's Regional Organizers.