Swing Left’s Super State Youth Council

Young people have the power to change the course of history this November.

But we know from 2016 that nothing is certain. While we’re the most progressive and largest generation in the electorate, we also historically turnout at half the rate of baby boomers. While we’re motivated to get to the polls, we also face voter I.D. laws that can suppress the college vote. While we care passionately about the issues that will shape our future, it’s overwhelming to know where to start. So, we need to organize.

About the SSYC

Swing Left’s Super State Youth Council (SSYC) is a cohort of young leaders working to transform our government in the 2020 elections. By focusing on 12 Super States we can take back not only the White House—but also the Senate and the state houses needed to control the drawing of fair maps in the 2021 redistricting, undoing some of the worst cases of Republican gerrymandering.

By joining the SSYC you can be a catalyst for change by helping other young people realize our collective power and take matters into our own hands.

Why join the SSYC?

Young people know this is about more than just the presidency. The results of local and State races will have implications for decades, and our futures are at stake. We need to win so that we can roll back GOP gerrymandering, appoint fair judges, and take aggressive action on key issues like climate change and health care.

Swing Left’s first Super State Youth Council will help grow and amplify the voices of student groups working for change. Leaders from each Super State and around the country will work with the Swing Left College Team to grow our Network of college groups and help shape content and decisions geared towards young people. SSYC members will identify and build relationships with new student leaders on campuses across the country and support their organizing efforts with Swing Left resources and strategy.

Apply today

Are you a college student interested in the following?

  • Organizing college groups to take effective action
  • Connecting with other student activists and leaders
  • Building leadership and communication skills

If so, apply to Swing Left’s Super State Youth Council, and help lead the fight to create the biggest youth turnout in history.

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