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Our primary objectives in Michigan are to: 1) win the state’s 16 Electoral College votes and 2) flip control of the Republican-led Michigan State House.

In the state House, we are currently targeting seven districts—five GOP-held seats and two Democratic holds. Geographically, our targets are distributed across the state but the majority surround the Detroit metro area. Four GOP incumbents in target districts are being term-limited out of office, giving Democrats an opportunity to flip the chamber in 2020 and protect the integrity of the Michigan’s independent redistricting process in 2021.

By the numbers:


Seats needed to flip the state house


Electoral College votes


Our Targets:

State House: HD-19, HD-38, HD-39, HD-45, HD-61, HD-71, HD-104

MI State House targets

What's at stake

7% decline in overall union membership since 2013: Since Michigan became the 24th right-to-work state in 2013—allowing union workers to opt out of paying dues—membership has declined significantly, especially among the Wolverine State’s 14 largest unions. Despite Democratic opposition, Michigan’s GOP majority passed a right-to-work law as a way to curb the influence of labor groups.

11,300 potential PFAS-contaminated sites across Michigan: Michigan’s lack of safe drinking water doesn’t end with Flint, where more than 100,000 residents have been exposed to lead—including 9,000 children younger than six. Michigan is experiencing its biggest environmental crisis in 40 years with toxic PFAS contamination in sites across the state.

50th in the nation for school funding growth: A lack of adequate state funding for schools is leaving Michigan students behind. The state has consistently ranked last in the country for growth in students’ proficiency scores, and recent increases to the state’s education budget have been so small as to be rendered insignificant after accounting for inflation.

What's at stake facts updated June 2020

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