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We need to hold this seat.

Joe Biden


Lowered the cost of living for families, reduced the deficit, and made large corporations pay their fair share through the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Created an economic plan that resulted in the strongest years of job growth and has achieved a record low unemployment rate.

Signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law, providing Arizona with at least $3.4 billion in funding for clean drinking water, updates to public transportation, modernization of airports, and more.

Donald Trump


Facing 91 felony counts in criminal cases including his involvement in interference with the 2020 presidential election, racketeering, and falsifying business records for hush money payments.

Has a longstanding history of blocking progressive policies, including paving the way for Roe v. Wade’s reversal, promising to gut the Affordable Care Act if reelected, and rolling back climate regulations.

Plans to assert more control and misuse his power over the Justice Department in which he would utilize to “seek revenge” on his critics.

Volunteer Spotlight:

Mete / Philadelphia, PA

"I recently did team-building events with my groups in Delaware and New Jersey who are both interested in flipping Pennsylvania. Everyone is ready to go and fully motivated."