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We know you’re fired up to flip the House, and you know the best way to do that is to talk to voters in nearby Swing Districts. So we’ve partnered with a company called Rally to charter buses for Swing Left volunteers to travel together and volunteer where it’s needed most.

When you hop on the Swing Left bus, you’ll save time driving, connect with other awesome volunteers, and focus on helping campaigns win instead of worrying about planning your travel.


Email us at [email protected]


Do I need to report my ticket purchase to the campaign, per FEC Rules & Regulations?

If you purchase tickets for you and your family member(s), you do not need to report your purchase as an in kind contribution. If you purchase tickets for anyone other than yourself (or your family), you must report the in kind contribution by filling out this In Kind Contribution Form and emailing it to the candidate's campaign committee (contact information can be found on individual candidates' websites).

What do I need to bring?

Bring water, snacks, pen(s), sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, and breathable layers. Most trips are a full day so you should account for lunch and dinner (and any specific dietary needs you have), though the group on your bus may vote to stop for dinner on the way back. Every rider can carry on two small items (like bags and coolers), but no glass containers.

Please also bring a smartphone or tablet and a portable charger, if you have one.

Most importantly, bring your A game and a positive attitude—you’ll be working hard and having fun all day out there!

When should I get to the departure location?

Please plan to be at your departure location 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. We want to make sure we stay on schedule! Bus Captains will help make sure everybody is accounted for.

How many canvass shifts am I doing?

We are asking that bus travelers participate in two shifts: from 12-3pm and 3-6pm (some trips may be slightly different). Take the time you need to make sure you’re hydrated, well-fed, and sunscreened. Take a rest when you need to, but plan to knock a lot of doors - it’s how we’ll win!

How far away are these staging locations from my departure city?

Most trips are 1.5 to 2 hours away from the departure location. Some may be 2.5 hours away. So plan for a long (but fun and hugely impactful!) day.

Why did my destination change after I booked?

The brilliance of Rally’s flexible system is that we have until the last week before the trip to select the travel destination. Because we get up-to-the minute information from campaigns about where you’re needed most, your ultimate destination is subject to change. We will let you know where we are sending you up to a week in advance. Don’t worry: the distance will be about the same, but the impact you make will be huge!

What kind of buses does Rally use?

Rally’s high-end buses come equipped with comfy seats, ample storage, clean bathrooms, and many have outlets and WIFI. Check out Rally’s FAQ page to read more about them.

What if my bus doesn’t reach capacity in time?

It’s unlikely, but if it does, you won’t be charged. Help us make sure that doesn’t happen! Invite your friends and get your tickets early—it’s more fun to volunteer together anyway!

How does Rally get in contact with me?

Rally’s main mode of contacting riders leading up to your event is via the email address you used when you purchased your seat. On the day of the event, they may also text you real-time updates of any issues, delays, or reminders. Please be sure to use an email address you check often so you don’t miss any updates about your trip as well as a cell phone number that will reach you on the day of your trip.

Who will be my main point of contact for my trip?

There will be two trained Bus Captains on every bus. They’ll be your primary point of contact from the time you get on the bus, until you disembark and head home. You may even hear from them before your trip!

Can I transfer my tickets or donate tickets to someone else?

Yes! You must first purchase the tickets. To transfer a booking, simply:

  • Log in or register for your account (using the same email you used to book your seats)
  • Click on the “VIEW BOOKING DETAILS” green button
  • Click "I would like to transfer my seat to someone else."

If the email address to which you transfer the seats already has a Rally account, then the person will find the booking transferred to them within that account. If they did not already have an account, one will be created for them. By using the forgot password flow on the site, they can create a password and access their account. You will both receive an email to confirm the transfer.

If you want to donate multiple tickets, you can transfer a set of tickets to one group leader or have each person’s name and email address handy (this is preferred).

What if things don’t go as planned?

Flexibility and patience are key. Things might not go as planned and campaigns have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. There may be times when you’re feeling frustrated or tired. You may have to wait for longer than you’d like at some points.. We encourage you to roll with it, have fun, and bring positive energy to the campaign offices. The bus captains will be there to help things move along as smoothly as possible.

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Check out Rally's FAQ page for more information.