We’re building this brand together.

Great design helps communicate messages, tell stories, and can directly impact our ability to inspire and drive action. Design isn’t about making things “pretty”—it’s about effectively conveying ideas and information in a resonant, accessible way. Consistent design is key to creating a trustworthy brand.

Use the tools and resources below to create communications that empower and inspire your community to take action and make meaningful change. You understand your needs and your community better than anyone—so take the ideas here and make them your own!

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Swing Left Logo Color
Swing Left Logo White
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Use Swing Left's primary logo in social media graphics, flyers, signage, and more! The logo is most legible when you keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure there's enough contrast between the logo and the background
  • Make sure there's adequate space between the logo and other content
  • Keeps elements within any composition properly aligned.

You can find more helpful tips in our Visual Brand Guide.


Color can help increase contrast and hierarchy in a design. Warm colors like red and yellow are dominant—they come forward in a design and the eye is drawn to them. Cool colors, like blue, are recessive—they often fade backward, causing other colors to appear more prominent.

Primary palette


Secondary palette



Swing Left’s primary typefaces are Bitter and Open Sans— they’re open source, built into Google Docs, and free to download and use.

Download Bitter
Download Open Sans

Two typefaces, a lot of variety

Bitter and Open Sans both come in a variety of weights. You can use font weight, size, capitalization, and letter spacing to change emphasis and visual heft of pieces of copy.

Keep it readable

It’s OK to experiment with other fonts (e.g. for a themed event) but try not to use more than three per design and, most importantly, remember that readability is always the most important factor in choosing a typeface.

Pre-made content & templates

Now that you have the basic building blocks for Swing Left-branded designs, you can start making all the things you need! Check out some pre-made content, and find templates to help you get you started on your own.

Setting up your Swing Left Group social profile

Material for hosting events
Print-at-home files


The best way to see the Swing Left brand in action and get inspiration is to join the conversation online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you have questions, concerns, or great ideas to share, we want to hear from you! Email [email protected] or tweet using #SwingLeftDesign and let’s get a conversation going.