Dismantling systemic racism in this country goes far beyond simply electing Democrats.

Please use these resources to support the movement for racial justice and further your own anti-racist work. No single action is a solution, but we can all start here.

Mobilize against racism with these virtual and local volunteer opportunities. ➝

Attend an event to get involved with groups fighting for racial and social justice.

Take part in a campaign with Color of Change. ➝

Sign petitions, amplify issues, and make phone calls to help move decision-makers in corporations and government to take real action for racial justice.

Support organizations fighting racism and police brutality. ➝

Make your contribution monthly to help drive sustained financial resources to these organizations, with or without the spotlight of national news.

Donate to a bail fund in your state or community. ➝

Help combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system and defend protesters’ freedom, regardless of their wealth.

Read this policy platform from the Movement for Black Lives. ➝

Learn about each of the six planks: ending state-sponsored violence, paying reparations, divesting resources away from policing, creating economic opportunity, fostering community self-governance, and building Black political power.

Choose your next book from this anti-racist reading list. ➝

Buy from black booksellers and publishers, and gather your friends for a virtual book club to make your way through the list.

Listen to more Black and Brown voices, starting with these podcasts, films, and more. ➝

Uplift this content on a regular basis by sharing it with your friends and family too.