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We need to flip this seat.

Biden '20 margin:


Midterms '22 margin:


District shift:


Dem nominee


A Democratic House can continue passing key Biden/Harris-backed legislation for the Senate to take up.

Republican extremism is a pervasive threat. Republicans want a nationwide abortion ban, to roll back Obamacare, and to block common sense gun safety legislation.

A Democratic House majority can prevent the House GOP from holding up the budget process to force their extremist agenda.

GOP nominee


A Republican-led House could reverse or defund President Biden’s executive actions.

A Republican-led House could promote bogus hearings and sham “oversight” commissions.

GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson could prioritize an extremist agenda over a functioning government.

Volunteer Spotlight:

Mete / Philadelphia, PA

"I recently did team-building events with my groups in Delaware and New Jersey who are both interested in flipping Pennsylvania. Everyone is ready to go and fully motivated."