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Swing Left makes it easy to donate to the most important, competitive 2020 races. We crunch the numbers for you so you can make the biggest impact with your donation.

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Immediate Impact Fund

This week is your last chance to make an impact with your donation before the election. Donate now to Swing Left’s Immediate Impact Fund. 100% of your donation will go to the candidates in the closest races where your donation can still make the biggest difference on the path to flipping the Senate and winning key state legislative races.

Already donated? Start fundraising! You can maximize your impact on the elections that matter most by becoming a grassroots fundraiser. Set up a fundraising page for one of our strategic funds and get started today.

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We’re raising money to support races up and down the ballot, in Super States around the country. 100% of your donation to the funds below goes directly to Super State candidates as soon as you donate.

Senate Fund

We can swing the Senate by flipping just four seats, so we’re targeting the races where Democrats have the best chances.

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Support our team as we help Democrats win critical races and build a sustainable grassroots movement.

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How we choose our funds

With the presidential election, 35 U.S. Senate races, and more than 4,700 state legislative seats on the ballot in 2020, we use every data source at our disposal to select target races across the country, so we can beat Trump and the GOP, and transform our government at every level.

  • Analyze. We look at historical electoral results, ongoing fundraising reports, and insights from in-state progressive allies to identify the most critical races of 2020 up and down the ballot.
  • Organize. We group races by ballot type, level of impact, and geography to make strategic, high-impact donating as easy as possible.