January 7, 2021

Swing Left's statement on the events of January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C.

Yesterday will go down as a dark day in American history. As Democrats secured control of the Senate, we witnessed a shameful attack on our country, our democracy, and our people. Terrorists breached the U.S. Capitol, incited by Donald Trump and his Republican allies, threatening our democracy and electoral process.

We also witnessed the Capitol Police, unprepared to confront violence by white supremacists at the U.S. Capitol, failing to uphold equal treatment under the law. It is a clear example of white privilege in action, and a terrifying contrast to the trampled rights of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters over the summer.

These attacks on our country and our people are happening because Donald Trump and his Republican allies refuse to accept the results of a free and fair election, and it showcases how far they will go to reject the will of the American people and grasp onto power they do not deserve. We join the chorus of elected leaders and organizations stating unequivocally that Donald Trump's presidency needs to end now, peacefully and lawfully, before he causes more harm.