Protect the U.S. House majority: Help win the NY-19 special election on August 23!

Defending this seat is necessary to protect the Democratic U.S. House majority this fall. Rep. Antonio Delgado was recently appointed Lieutenant Governor of New York, leaving NY-19 vacant. This seat is winnable for Democrats if we can turn out enough midterm voters.

This special election is a crucial test for Democrats. If Democratic candidate Pat Ryan can win the special election, he'll head into the general election in the fall with the power of incumbency. We cannot allow Republicans to gain this advantage heading into the midterms.

District stats

Clinton won by:


Biden won by:


2016–20 shift:


Pat Ryan


Marc Molinaro


Ways to get involved

If you live nearby

Knock on doors or call voters

Canvassing in the district and connecting with voters is the most effective way to increase voter turnout.


Donate strategically

Support Democratic candidate Pat Ryan

Make a strategic donation to help Pat Ryan staff his team and spread his message ahead of the election.

Donate today

National event

Join us for a national call night

Join our political and organizing teams and volunteers across the country for this virtual training and call night.

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