Protect the new Democratic Trifecta

With the swearing in of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, Democrats have control of the White House, Senate, and U.S. House for the first time since 2010. America finally has the opportunity to turn the page on President Trump’s disastrous administration and begin rebuilding our country. From reviving the economy to repairing the social fabric that has been frayed by four years of division, the work that lays ahead will require a strong Democratic government to tackle.

This opportunity would not have been possible without the incredible work that activists, organizers, volunteers, and grassroots donors have completed since 2016. But with Democrats’ narrow majorities in both chambers of Congress, the need for continued commitment to improving our country and defending American democracy cannot be clearer. As we celebrate the inauguration of a new, Democratic trifecta, join us to ensure that this is just the beginning of a brighter era for our government.

Democratic Senate seats flipped

Mark Kelly


John Hickenlooper


Jon Ossoff


Raphael Warnock


2021 balance of power

U.S. Senate

50+1 D - 50 R

U.S. House

222 D - 213 R

By flipping the Senate, Democrats have unified control of the federal government for the first time since 2010. We will now have the opportunity to right the ship, roll back the horrendous policy agenda of the last four years, and chart a course forward to a more progressive future.

Holding onto Democratic majorities

2021 Virginia elections

The Virginia House of Delegates and gubernatorial races in 2021 will be Democrats' first test of whether they can continue the electoral successes of the last two years into 2022 and beyond. Stay tuned for more actions you can take to help Democrats maintain their majorities in Virginia.

2022 Congressional elections

When Democrats won unified control of the federal government in 2008, it took just two years for them to lose it. We must stay engaged and preserve the electoral progress that we have achieved since 2018. If not, we will struggle to reverse the ruin of the last four years, let alone chart a better alternative.

We can keep winning—together.

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