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We are winning. As more ballots get counted, we are confident that Joe Biden will secure victory. We are seeing promising numbers out of states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada, but we have to be patient—we knew it would take time to count every ballot, and only once every ballot is counted will we have true results.

Politicians don’t get to decide who wins—the voters do. We are confident that the process is working right now, but we must remain vigilant to ensure that every vote is counted.

Donate to Joe Biden's Fight Fund. Your donation right now is critical to securing victory for Joe, Kamala, and Democrats across the country—and we’re counting on a surge of donations to fund any legal challenges or recounts that come our way.

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Urgent: Support Georgia

Georgia voters only have until Friday, Nov 6 (that’s tomorrow!) to fix any errors with their ballot and make sure their vote is counted, but they may not even be aware that their ballot wasn’t accepted. We need you to take action now! Call Georgia voters to make sure they have the chance to cure their ballot before the 5pm ET Friday deadline.

Watch this video to learn how to cure GA ballots, and then sign up for a phone banking shift.

1. Watch this Democratic Party of GA Ballot Remediation Training

2. After you watch the training video, sign up for a shift.

What is ballot curing?

Ballot curing is the process of contacting voters who have cast ballots but whose votes have not been counted due to issues like missing or mismatched signatures. Ballot curing involves contacting the voter and notifying them that their ballot has been rejected. We then walk them through the specific process in their county to allow them to prove their identity and get their ballot accepted.

Ballots being rejected because of a perceived signature mismatch or similar errors most heavily affects voters that are already at the margins—people with disabilities, trans and gender non-conforming people, people for whom English is a second language, women, and military personnel (source: ACLU). Curing ballots helps make sure that everyone is able to participate in our democracy more fairly.

When we cure ballots, voters are proving their identity and that their ballot really is theirs. Fraud is exceedingly rare; the much greater danger is that legitimate ballots don’t get counted.

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