Volunteer Code of Conduct


  • Respect the local wisdom of  volunteers who live in swing districts. We want to support the work of partner organizations and organizers inside swing districts and learn what issues are most relevant to each community.
  • Respect  volunteers who come from outside swing districts—they have valuable contributions to make.
  • Respect the fresh energy and ideas of  political newcomers  just now joining.
  • Respect the expertise of  political veterans  who have spent years (or decades!) organizing for progressive causes.
  • Respect  voters who disagree with us . Rude arguments won’t help us win.

Respect Others' Time

  • Be focused. There are many ways to defend our values and fight for progressive change. Swing Left, however, is  completely focused on winning back the House . To promote outside events or groups, please use the #random channel in Slack. Please avoid debates over primary candidates.
  • Be concise. Edit your writing, especially when speaking to a group. Avoid sarcasm or other language that doesn't translate well to chat.
  • Be responsible. Don’t overcommit or burn out! We’re in a marathon. If you commit to something and later realize you won’t be able to finish on time, don’t feel guilty—tell your manager or team ASAP.