Together, we flipped the Wisconsin Supreme Court!

On April 4, 2023, Judge Janet Protasiewicz defeated conservative nominee Dan Kelly to become the next Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, and flipped the court to a progressive 4-3 majority.

The Swing Left community—in Wisconsin, near Wisconsin, and across the country— made 172,000 calls to voters, knocked on 3,700 doors, and helped write 317,000+ Vote Forward letters to potential voters with fellow pro-democracy partners.

This community also contributed more than $127,000 to help strengthen on-the-ground efforts—led by WisDems, America Votes - Wisconsin, Leaders Igniting Transformation, and Wisconsin Conservation Voters—and combat an onslaught of MAGA extremist donations flooding the state.

This is a major victory for democracy.

Protasiewicz and her fellow progressive-leaning justices could have the opportunity to toss out Republicans’ egregiously gerrymandered electoral maps and safeguard against GOP attempts to subvert the outcome of future national elections.

This is a major victory for abortion access.

The court could have the chance to overturn an 1800s-era law that went into effect after the reversal of Roe that currently makes abortion illegal throughout the state.

On the heels of Democrats’ impressive midterm elections performance, the timing of this victory also sends a clear message nationally: If the GOP continues to lean into MAGA extremism and support radical Republican candidates, we’ll continue to defeat them at the ballot box.

Thank you to our amazing grassroots volunteers, elected officials, and partner organizations who worked together and volunteered their time and platforms to achieve this victory.