Texas Days of Action

Why Texas?

Texas is on the brink of becoming a blue state. Democrats are nine seats away from a majority in the Texas State House: thirteen Republican seats are flippable, with five of them in in Greater Houston metropolitan area. Winning the state’s 38 electoral votes would be a game changer for Democrats.

Between 2014 and 2018, the Texas voter rolls grew by 1,800,000 voters, with the majority consisting of women and people of color. Looking forward to 2020, there remain 2,600,000 unregistered voters in Texas who are likely to vote Democratic if registered. Additionally, there were 2,400,000 registered but non-voting African American, Hispanic, and Asian American voters in 2018 who are primed to be mobilized to vote in a presidential year.

Kicking off 2020 with our first election, Dr. Eliz Markowitz (https://www.eliz4tx.com) is the Democratic candidate running in the runoff of the special election for Texas House District 28 (HD-28) in Fort Bend County which is part of the greater Houston area. Democrats both inside and outside Texas are intent on flipping HD-28 which used to be a reliably Republican seat, since a win in this district would serve as a momentum boost heading into the 2020 Election.

There is momentum in Texas, and we could make huge gains there with your help!

Game Plan in Texas

Starting in December 2019, we'll be engaging and registering voters and then we'll get out the vote in the HD-28 special election in January. After the special election, we'll use that momentum to connect with voters in Texas throughout the year to flip Texas for the White House, Senate and the State Legislature. Learn more about the Texas Super State strategy here.

Texas Days of Action

Currently Open for Signups

January 22 - 28 Texas HD-28 GOTV Week of Action - lead by Commit to Canvass Collective East Bay and Swing TX Left (come for all or part of the week!)

Interested in Planning your Own Weekend of Action?

Contact a Swing Left Organizer to learn more (see below).


Is there free or reduced price transportation and housing?

We are a grassroots organization, like your team, and so we ask you to be self-reliant during this weekend of action. While we’d love to be able to treat everyone to a weekend in Texas, we don’t have the resources for that. Please bear in mind that Swing Left will not provide or broker meals, accommodations, or transportation for the weekend.

However, we work with local Texas Swing Left activists to identify supporter housing and rides to make this affordable for all types of activists. We also will help connect you with other people traveling so you can coordinate housing and carpools. If you have concerns or questions, reach out to one of us below.

What if I want to go a different weekend?

Wonderful, we'd love to help groups lead trips on other weekends. Please contact your Swing Left Organizer (see below).

How do I sign up for a weekend?

Complete the RSVP form on any of the pages linked above. Each person who plans to attend should complete their own form. Please read our Swing Left Organizers Liability Statement before you sign up.


Contact a Swing Left team member:

Texas: Erika Rocha, [email protected]

California: Colleen McCarthy, [email protected]
Pacific Northwest: Erica Goldman, [email protected]
Southwest (Arizona/New Mexico): Sonia Sinton-Clark, [email protected]