Swing Left Summer Challenge Canvass (v2)

There's too much at stake to sit back and wait until next year to start working on winning back the House. So, this summer we are challenging ourselves to go out to our Swing Districts, get started early, and step up to make a difference.

From July 29 - September 29, we will be going out into Democratic neighborhoods in our Swing Districts across the country to start talking to progressive voters and make sure they are ready to get to the polls.

Studies show that getting voters to “commit” in advance can meaningfully increase turnout (one study showed a 3.8 percentage point effect on general election turnout!). So, we'll be focused on collecting commitment cards from supporters -- and making sure they're registered to vote.

We'll also be sharing updates throughout the summer program and giving out some fun awards to the top canvassers and leading districts.

How it works: Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign up to host or attend a canvass with other Swing Left volunteers.

Sign up for at least one canvass between July 29 - September 29. We will make sure you have all the information and training you need to prepare for a successful event.

Click here to create an event | Click here to find an event near you

(If you run into trouble, check out our tips about setting up your event online)

Step 2: Find a target neighborhood in your Swing District and create a walk map

Select your Swing District below to find the Recommended Neighborhood Map for your district. These maps pinpoint neighborhoods estimated to have a high percentage of likely Democrats and a high percentage of unregistered eligible voters. You can review the district canvass log above the map to see where other groups are going (and mark your target streets so other groups know you'll be there).

Scroll to your Swing District and click on it to find recommended neighborhoods for canvassing

Step 3: Review the Host Guide and sign up for an online training

Our Host Guide covers everything you need to know to have an awesome event.(link)

We also have online webinars covering all the basics of the canvass program, tips for hosting your own event, and best practices for talking to voters at the doors. Sign up for one(link?)

Step 4: Get out there and HAVE FUN!

This challenge isn't just about collecting pledge cards -- it is about having fun connecting with voters and other Swing Left Volunteers! So, have a great time and share your stories with us.

Share a group pic, video or anecdote from your event on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (or all three!). Don’t forget to include #swingleft and #SLsummerchallenge so that Swing Left can retweet/repost!