Resources for Arizona Field Work

Arizona voters will be decisive in flipping important state legislative seats blue and electing a Democrat to the Senate and the Presidency. We need to make sure these Democrats have the resources and volunteers they need to go up against the GOP in Arizona, and win.

Learn More About Arizona

Maricopa County (Phoenix)

Phoenix and the surrounding areas are in Maricopa County, and we'll be doing a lot of our work there since about 60% of Arizona voters are in Maricopa County.

Know Before You Go: Maricopa County

We have several state legislature campaigns we are supporting. We'll add information here as we work with the campaigns.

Legislative District 17 in Maricopa County

Ballotpedia for AZ State Legislature

Ballotpedia for Legislative District 17 AZ House of Representatives

Incumbent Representative Jennifer Pawlick's website

Flippable's overview of Jennifer Pawlick from 2018

Canvassing and Field Work Tools and Training

Arizona campaigns use MiniVan.

Download Minivan on your phone from the App Store or Google Play

Here's a video on how to use the MiniVan app. on your phone.

Here's a video that provides a refresher on canvassing. from the Swing Left Academy [en espanol aqui]

Recommended Travel Preparations for Arizona

Arizona can be hot during the morning and cool at night. Look up the weather and consider it when you pack!

We recommend you bring a water bottle, hat, sun lotion, snacks, layers and a backpack for canvassing anywhere. You may be out all day so plan accordingly.

Canvassing work often requires constant use of your cell phone. We recommend investing in a portable backup battery charger if you plan to do a lot of field work. It will come in handy and make sure your battery doesn't die before the end of your shift! Here's more information about portable battery chargers.


Contact a Swing Left Field Director:

California: Colleen McCarthy, [email protected]
Pacific Northwest: Erica Goldman, [email protected]
Southwest (Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico): Sonia Sinton-Clark, [email protected]