Phonebanking Resources

Below you will find all the resources you need to host a phonebank or make calls yourself!

  1. Everyone will get started making calls at Swing Left uses a third party service called CallHub to make calls. Everyone who uses CallHub needs a Callhub Agent ID. Any volunteer can get a CallHub Agent ID through the bank portal. If you have any questions about creating a CallHub Agent ID, check out the first few pages of our CallHub User Guide (includes screenshots!)
  2. Check out our Phone Bank Host Guide here! Includes a sample agenda, and tips and how to recruit for your event, and a brief FAQ.
  3. Phonebank script. Our script is a vote pledge script that asks Democrats to commit to vote in the 2018 Congressional midterm elections. It's an easy script - we're asking voters 4 questions. We recommend that you role-play the script with a volunteer so that you can get a feel for the flow.
  4. Sign In Sheet and Sign Up Sheet. Use the sign in sheet to record who attends your event. Use the sign up sheet to sign people up for your next event!
  5. Phonebanking Tips and Tricks. Includes some best pratices to set you and your volunteers up for success!
  6. How to Code Your Data One Pager. Quick one-page guide to help you figure how to code the results of your calls.