Help Zoe Lister-Jones Call Voters in California Swing Districts!

Join my virtual phonebank this weekend before the California primaries.

California has a wacky primary system that doesn’t guarantee candidates from both parties will make it to the general election, so it’s critical that we do everything we can now to turn out Democratic voters on Tuesday.

Two congressional Swing District races are in particular danger of having no Democrats advance to the general -- CA-48 in the heart of the OC, and CA-49 in north San Diego County.

Together, we can encourage left-leaning voters to show up at the polls and stop the GOP from shutting us out in CA-48 and CA-49. All you need to call voters is internet access and a phone.

After you RSVP below, please watch for an email with the information and the script you'll need to call voters with me this weekend. Thank you for taking the time to help get out the vote!