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Our primary objectives in Pennsylvania are to: 1) win the state’s 20 Electoral College votes and 2) break Republican control of the state legislature by flipping one or both chambers.

In the state Senate, we are currently targeting five districts—four GOP-held seats and one Democratic hold. With only half of the chamber up for election in 2020, our Senate targets are scattered across the state, including Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Erie, and the Philadelphia suburbs.

In the state House, we are currently targeting 16 districts—13 GOP-held seats and three Democratic holds. Eleven seats are located in Southeast Pennsylvania, close to the Philadelphia metro area and surrounding regions. The remaining five targets are located near Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, and the Pittsburgh suburbs.

By the numbers:


Seats needed to flip the state senate


Seats needed to flip the state house


Electoral College votes

Our Targets:

State Senate: SD-9, SD-13, SD-15, SD-37, SD-49

State House: HD-18, HD-26, HD-29, HD-30, HD-44, HD-53, HD-105, HD-106, HD-119, HD-143, HD-144, HD-151, HD-152, HD-160, HD-168, HD-178

PA State Senate targets

PA State House targets

What's at stake


The Pennsylvania GOP has spent 10 years rigging district maps to protect their political power.

The State Supreme Court recently threw out these gerrymandered congressional maps drawn by Republicans in 2011, widely considered the most partisan in the country.

The new map in use today is temporary. Democrats must win a majority to keep the GOP from putting Republicans' own interests ahead of Pennsylvanians' in 2021.

Criminal Justice Reform

Pennsylvania’s incarceration rate is higher than the national average, with 96,000 people incarcerated as of 2018. In the same year, the state ranked last in corrections when measured by incarceration rates, racial equity in jailing, and other related factors.

Health Care

There are still 685,400 Pennsylvanians who don’t have health insurance, even after expanding Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act.

Flipping both the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the White House to Democratic control is essential to improving health care access for Pennsylvanians.

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