May Regional Calls

Over the last 4 months, Swing Left members have done some truly amazing work. Over 600 Kickoff House Parties. 300 canvassing events in Swing Districts. Thousands of pages of insightful research.

We're holding our first ever Regional Conference Calls to talk give folks an opportunity to learn a bit more about where Swing Left is going, to hear from other volunteers who are working in your region, and to start talking out how to better coordinate our work.

Here are the details:

Midwest Regional Call, Sunday, May 21st at 8pm ET/7pm CT: RSVP | Recording (skip to the 1 hr and 6 minute mark)

Northeast Regional Conference Call, Monday, May 22nd at 7pm ET: RSVP | Recording (technical failure recording this call. please listen to one of the other call instead)

Mid-Atlantic / South Regional Conference Call, Tuesday, May 23rd at 7pm ET: RSVP | Recording (skip ahead to the 17:30 minute mark)

Western Regional Conference Call, Wednesday, May 24th at 7pm PT: RSVP | Recording