Candidate Funds

Early money can make a huge difference in winning elections. After candidates win the primary, they need immediate funds to hire staff and buy ads as they pivot to confront their Republican opponent.

That's why we’re raising grassroots funds now for our future nominees in the Super States—so we can deliver them a big check early on, at the moment of highest impact.

Flippable States Fund

Support the most competitive state-level races

We can put an end to Republican gerrymandering by electing Democrats in the most critical, winnable state-level seats in 2019 and 2020. Our Flippable States Fund goes directly to these campaigns.

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Senate Fund

Support the Democratic challengers in eight key Senate races

In 2020, we're going to take back the Senate, by flipping just four seats to win the majority. Our Senate Fund goes directly to the Democratic nominees in the most competitive Senate races.

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Unify or Die Fund

Support the eventual Democratic presidential nominee

100% of your donation will go to the eventual Democratic nominee for President, exactly when they’ll need it most: right after the convention in July 2020.

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National Impact Fund

Give to 2020’s most critical elections with one click

There are must-win races for Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020. Support them all, including the White House, Senate, and key state legislatures, with one donation—100% of which will go to the candidates.

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2020 Super State Funds

Arizona / Colorado / Florida / Georgia / Maine / Michigan / North Carolina / Ohio / Pennsylvania / Texas / Wisconsin

How we choose our funds

We analyze historical electoral results, ongoing fundraising reports, and insights from in-state progressive allies to identify the most critical races of 2020 up and down the ballot. Then we group these races by shared focus into corresponding funds, making it easy to donate where your money will have the biggest impact. With the presidential election, 35 U.S. Senate races, and over 4,700 state legislative seats on the ballot in 2020, we use every data source at our disposal to select target races across the country—so that we can not only beat Trump and the GOP, but transform our government at every level.

Become a fundraiser

You can become a fundraiser, too! Create your own fundraising page and join thousands of grassroots volunteers raising money across the country.

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