Engaging, training, and empowering young leaders to help flip the House for Democrats in 2018!


Tackling the issues we face—from student debt and unaffordable housing to healthcare and immigration—requires regaining progressive power in our government. Our next best chance to put a real check on the Trump administration, and start saving our democracy, is to take back the House of Representatives in the midterms.

But, that won’t be easy. Trump’s billionaire friends will be spending whatever it takes to keep the Republicans in power. And many millennials, who are more diverse and progressive than their parents and grandparents, didn’t show up to vote in the last big election. We need to change that. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment—and that means we need a fully-mobilized student movement to get people out to the polls!

Do you want to learn how to organize and mobilize the youth vote—and help make real, lasting change?

As a College Fellow, you’ll receive expert online training from top organizers over the summer to help students (on your campus and beyond) overcome barriers to voting in the fall. And you’ll mobilize them to empower others. You’ll help fill an important gap in progressive voter mobilization by forging partnerships among student groups across campuses, both in and just outside of critical Swing Districts—where increasing voter turnout on Election Day will have the most impact.

Apply by June 25th to be a Swing Left College Fellow!