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It's too late to sign up for Swing Left's Carpool Captain program (because it’s too late to mail the Carpool Captain's kit), but that doesn't mean it's too late for you to fill up your car to go canvassing for The Last Weekend!

Face-to-face conversations with voters before an election has a huge impact on turnout. That’s why we need as many volunteers as possible to get out there and canvass to help us flip the House in the midterms.

Find a canvassing event near you here. Have room for others in your car? Fill it up! Here's how.

  • Recruit your friends. You’d be surprised who in your network may be willing to come with you to knock on doors. Who do you know that shares your values? Who have you talked with about what it felt like when Trump won, or about your frustration with the way things are going? Who posts on social media about the need for change in Washington? Put together a list and text/email until your car is full!
  • Use Swing Left groups. Find groups near you here. Each group should have a mailing list—send an email out on that about when you’re going canvassing, where you’ll be driving from, and how many spaces you have in your car.
  • Search on Facebook to see if there’s a local Swing Left or affiliated group near you with a page. Maybe it will be named for the city you live in (or a nearby one), or maybe it will be named for the district they’re volunteering in. Post in there that you have extra space in your car.
  • Email the canvassing event organizer. Ask if they know of anyone who needs a ride to the canvass.
  • Connect with a Swing Left organizer in your area. They may be able to connect you with other volunteers nearby. Email [email protected] if you'd like be be connected with a local organizer.