Calling California Voters

June 5th is Here!

Together, we can contact thousands of voters. Because of California's top two primary system, it’s critical we do everything we can to turn out as many Democratic voters as possible today. We're focusing on three key Swing Districts in Southern California; CA-39, CA-48 & CA-49.

Calling hours are 10:00am - 7:00pm Pacific Time and it’s best if you can do a full shift (three hours). All you'll need is a phone and internet access via laptop, desktop or smartpad. Please check this page often, as call assignments will change frequently leading up to the primary.

📞 Click here to start calling a blended list of voters in CA-39, 48 & 49. They've received their Vote By Mail Ballot, so we're encouraging left leaning voters to complete and turn in their Ballot now! Here is the script to check out before you start dialing. You will need a Google account or Facebook profile to use this calling tool. After you log in, select 'Start Session' to see the script and voter you are calling.


In person: Ballots must be delivered to a polling location by close of polls on June 5, 2018.

Mailed: Ballots must be postmarked on or before June 5, 2018, and received by your county elections office no later than June 8, 2018.

Thank you for taking time to make these very important calls!