Call Georgia

It is Election Day!!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have a critical new call list.

Voting has been extended at two polling locations because of technical issues. Voters at Livsey Elementary and Holy Cross Catholic Church can now vote until 7:30pm. We need to make sure that voters whose hours have been extended know that they can still vote today!! Please do not leave voicemails.

Here is a list of voters at those two polling locations

Don't worry if you're new to calling voters using the OpenVPB tool, we've got some handy instructions for you.

A few things to keep in mind while you are calling:

We are focused on turnout.

  • That means talking with voters to get them to the polls, which are now open! Asking questions like when they plan to vote and how they plan to get there allows them to see issues in advance and makes them much more likely to vote.

  • We won't engage Handel supporters.

  • If supporters have issues that you cannot answer, give them the number for the Ride to the Polls / Other Voter Issues Hotline: 470-231-7940.

Some voters may tell you that they've already been called--and that's ok. Swing Left is fully coordinated with the Ossoff campaign so that we can ensure call lists are targeted and effective. However, since it is illegal under campaign finance law for the campaign to coordinate its activities with certain groups (like unions and PACs), some voters may still get multiple calls from different organizations.

What’s important to remember is that even if people complain, we know that this works! One of every 35 phone contacts result in a vote gained, according to a 2000 Yale study. That means 34 calls might not go perfectly, but those calls bring us closer to the one that wins another vote in a race that could be decided by a handful of votes. And early voting turnout in the GA-06 runoff has already exceeded turnout in the April primary. Our calls are working!

For even more information, Read the Phone Bank packet from the Ossoff campaign for more information

Please contact Eric Wimer ([email protected]) and [email protected] if you encounter any issues during your phone bank. You can also reach Eric by phone at 917-204-3611 in the case of an emergency.