Help Me Call Voters in OH-12!

Join John Legend’s Virtual Phone Bank this weekend—starting Saturday, August 4 through Tuesday, August 7!

My home state of Ohio has an important election coming up this Tuesday, August 7th. Democratic candidate Danny O’Connor is running to fill a House seat vacated early by Republican Pat Tiberi. You don’t need to live in Ohio to be affected by who wins. If we flip this seat for Danny, we’ll be one step closer to a Democratic majority in the House that can put a powerful check on President Trump!

This is a super close race, and you can help by calling left-leaning voters in Ohio’s 12th district to get them to the polls. This is a special election, so a lot of voters won’t even know it’s happening. If we remind people to vote and enough of them turn out, we can win it! All you need to call voters is Internet access and a phone.

Click here and select a call shift now!

More details on this special election in OH-12:

  • Democratic candidate Danny O'Connor, who is also the Recorder of Franklin County, is campaigning on expanding healthcare. He proudly touts his “F” rating from the National Rifle Association.
  • His opponent, Republican State Senator Troy Balderson, is a huge Trump supporter who wants to repeal Obamacare and embraces the NRA’s extreme agenda.
  • Recent polling showed O'Connor just one point behind Balderson.

After you sign up for a shift using this link, please watch for an email with the information and the script you'll need to call voters with me this weekend. Thank you for taking the time to help get out the vote!