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Our primary objectives in Arizona are to: 1) flip the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Martha McSally, 2) win the state’s 11 Electoral College votes, and 3) break unified Republican control of the state government by flipping one or both state legislative chambers.

We are currently targeting four districts in the Arizona State Senate and three districts in the Arizona State House. These targets are nested within each other and clustered near the Phoenix metro area with additional targets northeast of Phoenix.

At every level of the ballot, our pathway to victory runs through these key Arizona geographies, as demonstrated by Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s victory in 2018.

By the numbers


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Seats needed to flip the state house


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AZ State Senate targets

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What's at stake

553 accidental shootings per year in Arizona: According to the Giffords Law Center, Arizona receives an "F" rating for its gun safety laws, which are some of the weakest in the country. On average, Arizonans experience 244 gun homicides, 669 firearms suicides, 582 nonfatal shootings, and 553 accidental shootings per year.

10 years since Arizona's Senate Bill 1070: In 2010, the Arizona state legislature passed the anti-immigrant Senate Bill 1070, commonly referred to as the “show me your papers” law, which required police to ask for proof of legal residency status of anyone suspected of being undocumented. While this measure was diluted in a 2016 settlement, “show me your papers” has not been formally repealed.

45th in the nation for teacher pay: With an average teacher’s salary of $48,723, Arizona is in the bottom five states in the country as of 2019. Arizona is also in the bottom three states in per-student funding as a result of the state legislature’s underinvestment in public education.

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