Resources for Team VA-10

  • Know Before You Go: VA-10 District Primer
    Learn about your Swing District in two short pages. Leer en español.
  • Team VA-10 Events Calendar: The best way to win back the House is to start talking to folks who live in Swing Districts. Check out events that are already planned in VA-10, and add your own. Let’s get to work!
  • Recommended High Foot Traffic Areas: Ready to start talking to voters? Check out this list of suggested high foot traffic areas that your district research team has developed.
  • Recommended neighborhoods for talking to voters: If you’re heading to your Swing District to do some Door-to-Door Canvassing, check out our list of suggested neighborhoods to focus on — put together by your district research team.
  • Even More District Research: If the District Primer isn't enough for you, check out this longer (and slightly less beautiful) document that your district research team has put together.
  • Swing Your District From a Distance: Swing Left volunteers live in every corner of the country. If your nearest Swing District is not within easy driving distance, you can still play a crucial role. Check out this toolkit for three key ways you can make a difference.

Join Team VA-10 to learn about actionable opportunities as they become available.