Let's Get to Work

Have you found your closest Swing District and signed up to support your team? If not, do so first on our homepage.

Phase 1 of our plan to win back the House focuses on research and recruitment. Everyone can pitch in!

Here are three ways to get started right now:

  • Attend (or host) a Swing Left Kickoff House Party over the weekend of March 4th. This is a chance for folks in your area to get together, learn more about their nearest Swing District, and start planning how to win in 2018.

    Don't worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. We’ll provide a guide with tips on how to run a great event and suggest an agenda of what to cover.
  • Research your Swing District Before we go much further, we need to dig into the local issues that will inform a winning game plan for each district. Join one of our online research teams to answer critical questions about these districts.

    When we're done, we'll have the information our fellow volunteers need to focus their efforts on actions with maximum impact—and we'll share some of this information on our website as well.
  • Start talking to voters in your Swing District One thing we learned in the last election is that we need to spend more time listening to voters. So, we've partnered with Knock Every Door, another new volunteer-led organization, to make it really easy for folks like you to get started talking with voters in these districts.

    After you register, Knock Every Door will give you everything you need to get started. So, set up an event in your nearest Swing District, recruit a few friends, and start knocking on some doors!